Third Degree: Leadership, Project Management & Old-School Masonry

Third Degree: Leadership, Project Management & Old-School Masonry

by John R. Hill, Jr.

June, 2014 through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram

The book in part tells the story of a senior executive’s leadership philosophy, he shares several leadership attributes with a Brother as he joins masonry the old fashion way – by study and the third degree.  The book covers 15 leadership attributes, 12 leadership topics and 15 project management tools. The exploration of leadership, project management and masonry will give the reader methods and ideas for enhancing their leadership skills and will support everyone’s efforts, Masons and Non-Masons alike, who desire continued self-improvement.


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This book offers practical ways to develop leadership and management skills, while presenting these skills in an intriguing and novel way—through the first three degrees of Masonry. As Masonry seeks to make good men better, this book is a true representation of the phrase, as it highlights “nuts-and-bolts” ways to further develop Masons as leaders inside and outside of the Craft. It is a great read for Entered Apprentices, Master Masons, and aspiring Worshipful Masters alike, and can easily serve as a Grand Lodge approved text for developing leaders within Masonry. I enjoyed it, and like Masonic Ritual, I look forward to reading it again and again, as I am sure to learn something new each time.
– Donald Mitchell, Jr., Ph.D., Master Mason


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